Google’s Next Big Thing May Already Be Here…Google Helpouts

Google World Domination by Dr. Evil World domination comes in many varieties and flavors.

For politicians…legislation.

For tyrants…subjugation.

For Google…Well, they just own your soul.

As market forces ebb and flow more rapidly and the lifespan of companies shorten, current players need to roll out magnificent and useful new products more frequently than ever before. We are no longer satisfied with going from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 5…we needed the 4s to placate our thirst for “new.”

Google, on the other hand, is a search engine. Oh sure, they have thousands of widgets, bells and whistles to keep us engaged, but most of these tools are not directly revenue generating for Google. Currently,they make their billions by selling advertising. The strategy is sound, of course. The more they can hypnotize us to stay on their site, the more chances they have to sell the digital real estate of advertising.

For the better part of a decade, Google has placed a large proportion of their efforts into keeping us glued to their website.

Enter Facebook.


They were quick to develop some nuances and improvements over this social media monster when they rolled out Google+. Google Plus is a sharp, engaging platform that, well….looks more “Googly” than Facebook and many of the features and interface is easier to navigate. In some people’s opinions, however, it doesn’t hold a candle to Facebook.

So what?

Show me the money. Google rolled out Google Hangouts recently and this virtual meeting center is sure to destroy many online meeting companies (Google hangouts are free and can host unlimited numbers of people). However, unless they plan on charging for the service after the “Hangout Crack” is seething through our veins, it will remain the spider web of engagement by simply keeping users on the site and not generate any extra revenue for Google.

Things are about to get interesting.

Two good friends of mine, a doctor and a language instructor recently informed me they make their FULL TIME, SIX-FIGURE income using a new service called Google Help Outs.

Google Helpouts

Similar to a Google Hangout, a Help out is a paid service, whereby any expert can offer to help anyone out, virtually, online for a fee. This one minute video, from Google, really sums up how broadcasting has transformed to narrowcasting, nanocasting, and now….1-1 casting or whatever you want to call it. Since they own Youtube, you’ll be calling it what they call it. The Google Helpout.

Everyone is an Expert at something

Before you think this is just a fancy way to charge for a video phone call, consider the incredible genius and expansion a service like this could be for any business owner.

  • A personal trainer could give a workout to anyone in the world and never leave their home.
  • A therapist could counsel their patient without either of them driving to an office.
  • An non-fiction author could give custom lessons pertaining to their book.
  • The possibilities are endless…and so are the leads.

Google may or may not take a cut from the Google Helpout revenue stream, but since this is new money flowing between people on their platform, I’d be surprised if they don’t skim a little green to facilitate this transaction. When I say “a little” green, who wouldn’t give them 5 or 10% if you could talk to 2 or 3 new clients a day on the computer? If you are giving guitar lessons to 3 new folks a day, 1,233 miles away whom you would NEVER have been able to teach otherwise, why wouldn’t you willingly give Google a piece of that pie?

Anyone would. And Google knows it.

Help Outs is a NEW way to connect people who need help; with people who can give help over LIVE video. Regular people like you and can signup to become a helpouts instructorand CHARGE for your time by sharing your advice with others over live video (using Google’s ground-breaking Hangout Technology). This incredible NEW tool is already changing how people make money online, shouldn’t YOU be one of them?

New York Times, Best Selling author, Joel Comm is no stranger to marketing and he has invested his money, time and reputation into Google Helpouts with this extremely thorough system. I loved it so much after previewing it, I not only am using it to help authors with ANY question they need answers to for $19 for a 15-minute consult, I partnered with this system.

BONUS: Try out Joel’s Google Helpout training system by clicking here. Drop me an email, attach your receipt and I’ll give you a $100 author’s consultation 100% absolutely FREE, just for trying his system. I believe in this program so completely, even if you return it, your 1-hour PRIVATE, author’s classroom is yours to keep and use any way you choose. Just drop me an email, send me your receipt that you tried his system and we’ll schedule our 60-minute author’s consult.

We can discuss your positioning, marketing, cover design, story flow, press release strategies or how to get a major book deal from a NY publisher. I’ll give you unfiltered, exceptionally useful advice to get your book done, published and marketed in record time. I’ve done it for many people and I’d be honored to help you, also.

Click here now and blow up your business…world wide

-Doug Crowe

authoryourbrand (at) gmail dot com
(written out like that to avoid spam in my inbox!)

Google Helpouts

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  • Doug Crowe

    Everyone is an expert at something. Prove it to yourself. Register with Google Helpouts and see who you can help out.

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